I have been doing YogAlign on and off for about four years.  During this time I have found Leonie to be exceptionally professional and caring, she is extremely knowledgable and passionate about your individual needs.  I have no hesitation recommending her expertise to others.  Namaste.

I had been advised by an Orthopedic Surgeon, specialising in knee surgery, that I needed my right knee replacing.

I was less than enamoured with this advice and thus sought opinions as to alternatives and one of these was to try YogAlign with Leonie Main.

After many years of lower back pain, limited use of my legs, losing my balance and confidence in my movement, Leonie with YogAlign has improved all of this.

No more oesteopath treatments fortnightly, and virtually painfree.

I love the holistic approach to health and well-being as well as Leonie’s expertise of body alignment. 

YogAlign has improved my quality and outlook on life.

Thanks Leonie Main.

I met Leonie four years ago when I was introduced to YogAlign by a friend.  The instant I met Leonie I liked her and could tell that she really cares about people and their wellbeing.  I have been to YogAlign every week since then, without fail - I look forward to it so much and never miss a session!  Every week Leonie shares relevant and interesting tips on how to enhance our wellbeing.  And it's an absolute pleasure to be in her company - Leonie really is gorgeous inside and out.  Having done other types of yoga and pilates in the past, I find YogAlign to be the best way to keep my body pain free and moving with ease.  I can not recommend Leonie and YogAlign enough - they truly have changed my life.