I had been advised by an Orthopedic Surgeon, specialising in knee surgery, that I needed my right knee replacing.

I was less than enamoured with this advice and thus sought opinions as to alternatives and one of these was to try YogAlign with Leonie Main.

That was about 5 years ago, and I can now comfortably walk at least 10ks with no ill effects, which is something of a minor miracle given my previous struggles to even get to my letterbox prior to this.

Although my huge improvement is not entirely due to my weekly YogAlign sessions they have certainly played a significant role and the gains have not just been to my previously seized knee. I have also experienced improved flexibility and core strength, less stress and less arthritic aches and pains together with and a better sense of well-being.

One of the other gains I have found with YogAlign is that I can use movements from the classes, which I feel are most beneficial to me – for example stiff hips – and repeat those exercises at home or, for that matter, anywhere else I might be. It can take as little as a few minutes of my day, and another example is the “Sun Salutation” which takes less than 5 minutes and is a great way to welcome the day by awakening the body in a gentle but meaningful manner with light stretches and a bit of upper body strength which leaves you feeling alive, alert and even a bit smug!

Having experienced other forms of Yoga – including Bikram which I found too intense and too hard for my body – I have also appreciated the fact that YogAlign is quite gentle and is obviously designed to not over-exert the body especially in the lower back which I have found to be the problem with some fewer natural poses in other forms of yoga.

I also find the small session sizes of usually just three or four enables Leonie to provide individual attention, which ensures technique is as it should be. The small class sizes also result in an atmosphere, which is comfortably light and informal but appropriately committed to achieving the best at the same time.

In summary for the reasons outlined above I have experienced significant benefits from Leonie’s sessions at YogAlign, Mount Maunganui and for those looking for body and mind benefits I believe this is an excellent and affordable way of doing so. And judging by their comments and continuing attendance I get the impression my classmates do too.