I am a 50 year old female. I have been doing YogAlign for about 4 years now with Leonie. Initially it was challenging, but with Leonie's professional support and gentle manner it did not take long to feel more comfortable and "listen" to my body. Its amazing the transformation mentally and physically.
I use to suffer from Chronic lower back pain which kept me awake! Within just a short few months my back pain had completely disappeared and I no longer suffer from any body aliments. I have also grown up with severe Asthma my entire childhood and majority of my adult life so lung capacity and breathing techniques were poor. Another major difference is my breathing, my lung strength has improved immensely and I hardly ever need to use my inhalers now. I am also sleeping through the nights, which is rare for any asthmatic!!
I have tried other yoga instructors and courses but they are either very large groups or super noisy. I love that these classes are basically one on one. Leonie takes small groups of only up to four people so that she can give you one on one instruction. You feel safe in the surroundings and they are totally non judgmental. You learn to listen to your own body and how much or as little you can push your own body.
Then just when you couldn't be more thankful of the hour long session you have gifted to yourself. Shavasana starts and it is the most relaxing time to yourself you can possibly experience. Couldn't talk more highly of YogAlign and Leonie's Gentle teaching style.

I have been doing YogAlign on and off for about four years.  During this time I have found Leonie to be exceptionally professional and caring, she is extremely knowledgable and passionate about your individual needs.  I have no hesitation recommending her expertise to others.  Namaste.

Leonie is amazing!!! I struggled with back pain for years, been to all sorts of specialists over the years to get it sorted. Within the first week of yogalign with Leonie I noticed results immediately. For anyone with aches, pains and stresses I would highly recommend booking a session with Leonie! Thanks so much Leonie :) can't wait for our next session!!

After many years of lower back pain, limited use of my legs, losing my balance and confidence in my movement, Leonie with YogAlign has improved all of this.

No more oesteopath treatments fortnightly, and virtually painfree.

I love the holistic approach to health and well-being as well as Leonie’s expertise of body alignment. 

YogAlign has improved my quality and outlook on life.

Thanks Leonie Main.

Leonie has such a warm and lovely spirit; I have enjoyed one of her free online sessions in "lockdown" and have seen her twice privately before that in her home-based studio. Every time i leave with an amazing sense of calm and connected-ness through my body. My body feels balanced and definitely has more length to it. Leonie is a true fountain of knowledge built through several modalities - this one focusing on the fascia and resetting the tension in our bodies, both neuro and muscular/skeletal - try it out; she has so much to offer and is very friendly and inspirational. So pleased we met :)




I had been advised by an Orthopedic Surgeon, specialising in knee surgery, that I needed my right knee replacing.

I was less than enamoured with this advice and thus sought opinions as to alternatives and one of these was to try YogAlign with Leonie Main.

Leonie is not only an incredible practitioner but so too, a beautiful soul and calm, welcoming, grounded energy to spend time with. As a couple who attend private classes with Leonie, we not only benefit from the one on one practice itself but so too, time in her presence. Combined, all factors leave us feeling more limber, peaceful and grateful we have someone of Leonie's calibre as our instructor.

Luke and Dani

I met Leonie four years ago when I was introduced to YogAlign by a friend.  The instant I met Leonie I liked her and could tell that she really cares about people and their wellbeing.  I have been to YogAlign every week since then, without fail - I look forward to it so much and never miss a session!  Every week Leonie shares relevant and interesting tips on how to enhance our wellbeing.  And it's an absolute pleasure to be in her company - Leonie really is gorgeous inside and out.  Having done other types of yoga and pilates in the past, I find YogAlign to be the best way to keep my body pain free and moving with ease.  I can not recommend Leonie and YogAlign enough - they truly have changed my life.

I first met Leonie just over 5 years ago following a few chronic health conditions that were impacting my everyday life and wellbeing. At that stage I had started to resign myself with the fact that that’s just how my life was going to be. Within a short period of time working with Leonie I could feel my body starting to heal and after a few months I felt the benefits of the holistic approach to her teaching. I’ve found that moving my body with structural alignment whilst practising breath work has been the most effective method for me. I no longer have the chronic pains in my body and feel much stronger as well as aligned. I’ve learned to use these techniques in my everyday life and I now know how to keep my body aligned whether I’m in the garden, cycling, walking, cooking or working!! I often have yoga sessions at home!

Leonie is beautiful inside and out and oozes care, love, passion, inspiration and compassion in every part of her teaching. Her studio is such a peaceful environment in which to spend time nurturing yourself, with either a one-on-one session or with a small group. My sessions with Leonie are now a regular part of my life and will be for the rest of my life!! - JG