I am a 50 year old female. I have been doing YogAlign for about 4 years now with Leonie. Initially it was challenging, but with Leonie's professional support and gentle manner it did not take long to feel more comfortable and "listen" to my body. Its amazing the transformation mentally and physically.
I use to suffer from Chronic lower back pain which kept me awake! Within just a short few months my back pain had completely disappeared and I no longer suffer from any body aliments. I have also grown up with severe Asthma my entire childhood and majority of my adult life so lung capacity and breathing techniques were poor. Another major difference is my breathing, my lung strength has improved immensely and I hardly ever need to use my inhalers now. I am also sleeping through the nights, which is rare for any asthmatic!!
I have tried other yoga instructors and courses but they are either very large groups or super noisy. I love that these classes are basically one on one. Leonie takes small groups of only up to four people so that she can give you one on one instruction. You feel safe in the surroundings and they are totally non judgmental. You learn to listen to your own body and how much or as little you can push your own body.
Then just when you couldn't be more thankful of the hour long session you have gifted to yourself. Shavasana starts and it is the most relaxing time to yourself you can possibly experience. Couldn't talk more highly of YogAlign and Leonie's Gentle teaching style.