Canggu, Bali, August 2016

Buddhist Monastery, Banjar, Bali, August 2016

Yogi at Hindu Monastery, Kauai, Hawaii, March 2014

Just Breath

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What can I do to support & love my body?


Breathe work - breathe is key & free! A negative thought or belief will have an effect on your physical body.  With this awareness, focus on the following. 


Place your hands on your heart and take 3 deep breathes, this will help calm your sympathetic nervous system & bring you into the present moment. 


Count to 4 while you inhale through your nose

Hold your breath while counting to 7

Count to 8 as you slowly exhale through your mouth

This helps you to release any fear, anxiety, tension, or energy that’s not serving you.


Repeat at least 2 more rounds, tuning into your body.

Carry on, for a few more deep breathes, if you feel you need too, your body will thank you for it.


Be gentle on yourself.  If breathe work is new to you, start off slowly.

Try doing this once a day either first thing when you rise or before you to to bed.

It's the little daily gifts to yourself, that create big shifts in your wellness.