Canggu, Bali, August 2016

Buddhist Monastery, Banjar, Bali, August 2016

Yogi at Hindu Monastery, Kauai, Hawaii, March 2014

Less Stress & Anxiety

Less Stress & Anxiety Pinterest
What happens when we meditate? The answer will be different for each person.
However, here are four things many people report when they meditate:
1. Time takes on a new experience that is easier, more relaxing, and more fluid as you experience the present moment.
2. You are able to have more compassion for yourself and others. The critical voice in your head shifts into a more patient and kind voice.
3. You experience more inner and outer forgiveness.
4. Thoughts start to be noticed as separate from who you are. This means a lot less anxiety gets stirred up, because you don’t believe every fearful thought that shows up in your mind.
You can start to feel these benefits right away.
Thanks Magali Peysha