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Do You Crave A Sweet Treat In The Evening?

Do You Crave A Sweet Treat In The Evening? Pinterest

Words From Dr Libby Weaver (PhD)

nutritional biochemist, author & speaker

Craving something sweet in the evenings is usually one of these three things

Nutritional: Your food choices throughout the day may have been missing

some key nutrients, and so your body drives you to eat unresourcefully at the 

end of the day in an attempt to get these needs met. This is particularly 

common if you haven't had enough nutritious fats throughout the day, 

if you've missed a meal or swapped food for a coffee.


Biochemically: When we race around all day living on adrenaline due to

our perceptions of pressure & urgency, the body will predominately burn glucose, 

rather than fat, and you will crave more sugar to replenish your stores.


Emotionally: Often our craving for sugar has more to do with an emotional need that 

isn't been met as we seek more "sweetness" in our lives. Identifying this and 

cultivating ways to bring more joy into your life can transform these cravings.


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