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Cut Out The C.R.A.P.

Cut Out The C.R.A.P. Pinterest

Cut the CRAP and Live Your Life with Energy, Joy & Passion 

That’s Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol & Processed food 

Now lets take a look at Refined Sugar ... a weakness of mine!

But, in reality, there's really nothing to love about refined sugar. It makes us put on weight, increases the size of our liver, makes us unwell, and ages us inside and out, leaving us tired, fat and wrinkled. As well as being highly addictive, refined sugar drags valuable nutrients out of our body.

How to give sugar up:

Don't use sugar as a reward - treat yourself with something else instead, like a beauty treatment, movie or a new book.

Eat plenty of chromium - helps control you blood sugar levels & banish sugar cravings. Good sources include eggs, molasses, liver, kidney, wholegrains, nuts, mushrooms & asparagus. 

Supplement your diet with glutamine - this amino acid squashes sugar cravings. It can be found in most health food stores. Take one tablespoon in a small glass of water whenever you get a sugar craving.

Include unprocessed, good quality proteins in your diet - sugar cravings often come from a lack of protein in your diet. If you are having a sugar craving, try having a slice of chicken or some nuts to banish the urge for sugar.

Include healthy essential fatty acids with your meals - they are important for optimal health & can help reduce sugar cravings, as you body is full of good fats.

If you feel you absolutely must have sugar, always eat sugar at the end of a meal, never before. Protein & fat slow the rate at which sugar floods into your bloodstream. The slower it hits your blood, the less of a rush you'll get, which means less of a slump. Better options would be a piece of fruit with a handful of almonds, thin-skinned fruit salad - cherries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries & raspberries.

Thanks James Duigan