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Fire In The Body, Fire On The Brain!

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Fire in the body, fire on the brain

Inflammation could be described as fire in the body.

Sugar, gluten, physical, mental & emotional stress are just a handful of things that are inflammatory, setting off little fires in your body. Given the mind-body connection, the fire in your body can influence what's going on in your brain.

Fire - inflammation of the brain - can be experienced as mental & emotional discomfort.

That is why it's important that we not only aim to reduce our exposure to inflammatory foods, thoughts & behaviours, but to make an active effort to include a means of reducing inflammation, & extinguish the fire in our body.

In addition to lifestyle factors; sleep, breath work, yoga, meditation, being in nature, social connection - eating fresh, seasonal, organic foods whenever we can is another way to keep the flames at bay.

Perhaps an interesting perspective shift to experiment with is to ditch the notion of foods being 'good' or 'bad', but to ask yourself, will this food nourish me, or is it inflammatory?

Did You Know?

Around 70-90% of our serotonin (one of our feel good hormones) is made in our gut. Research has shown that the risk of developing anxiety goes up significantly in those who experience inflammatory gut issues such as IBS.

Thanks Ben Warren from Be Pure for the info.