Canggu, Bali, August 2016

Buddhist Monastery, Banjar, Bali, August 2016

Yogi at Hindu Monastery, Kauai, Hawaii, March 2014

a winter solstice tradition – returning to stillness

Winter Solstice 21st June - the longest night Winter Solstice 21st June - the longest night Photo - Pinterest


Winter Solstice: 21st June to Spring Equinox: 23rd September


Being accountable to another helps us to stay on track with our developments. We need a mountain to climb. Our success for achieving these goals lies with whom we choose to climb the mountain with us. This is no rickshaw ride! We all have to apply effort to make the changes for humanity. It's vital that we gather loved ones around us, building on the love & loyalty of being close. 

Being blood connected is not a requirement but being strong in spirit & likeminded is. We are redefining what 'community' means to us. No longer is this only in reference to our physical location. We are broadening our range of connecting with others. Technology offers us the freedom of friendships anywhere on our planet. This has become an incredible network. Information spreads like wildfire; spontaneously it reaches every corner of the world. We are rapidly moving into the Aquarian Age - the age of information. For now this is the digital realm, with breakthroughs about to come. 

The above information is taken the New Zealand Moon Calendar 2017